The Jefferson Electric team will handle every aspect of the installation of your solar system from start to finish.


A Solar Technician will visit the property, discuss your goals, and conduct a site analysis to gather the necessary details to design your system.  


Following the consultation, our team will work together to complete a proposal that includes renderings, estimated energy savings, equipment suggestions, financing options and more.

Interconnection & PERMITTING

Once you've agreed to the proposal, we'll submit the necessary paperwork to get your system connected to the local utility grid and begin the permitting process.  The time to receive interconnection approval and permits largely depends on the speed of the local utility and government body.  Timeframe is often 1 to 2 weeks. 


With permits in hand, we’ll give you a call and schedule installation.  Installation times vary based on the equipment and size of the system. Average timeframe is 1 to 5 days.


Once installation is complete and the utility company confirms interconnection you are free to power up your new system and start capturing and using clean, renewable, solar energy. 


Another financial benefit of switching to solar is the ability to sell your Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SCRECs or Green Tags).  Learn more here.  Once the system is on, we’ll submit documents to the proper SREC aggregator and State authority to allow you to get paid for your SRECs.  Timeframe is 30 days for final approval.  


Following SREC application and after your system is fully operational, we'll followup with you to ensure your system is running perfectly and all your questions are answered. Congrats on your new solar array!