How much will a system cost? 

Every solar array is different and the best estimates will come from a qualified solar professional such as Jefferson Electric.  The initial cost of the equipment is important, however you will find the most accurate estimates will incorporate details of your particular site, current energy usage, financing, tax credits, the sale of SRECs, and policies of your local utility company.  Contact us to start your free proposal.      

How do solar panels work? 

Solar Panels capture sunlight and convert it to direct current (DC electricity).  The DC electricity is sent to an Inverter where it is converted to alternating current (AC).  A Solar Meter monitors the system production and provides information to you and the SREC service.  Electricity flows from the inverter to your main electrical panel or to the grid.  A Net Meter reads electricity that you use as well as the electricity that flows from your system to the grid.    


Will it damage my roof?     

No! A professionally installed solar array will not cause damage to your roof.  Jefferson Electric installers are professionally trained and have extensive experience in the proper installation techniques.  We are careful to use only non-corrosive (stainless steel) installation materials, the best waterproof penetration techniques, and installations are always completed by the Jefferson Electric team. 

Do you offer a warranty?    

Yes! We provide warranties on all parts, workmanship, and roof leaks.  In addition, depending on the equipment, manufacturers often provide warranties ranging from 10 to 25 years.  


Is financing available?     

Absolutely! There are numerous ways to finance your solar system.  Residential systems can easily be financed and likely your current bank has a few options such as Home Equity Loans, Lines of Credit, Energy Efficient Mortgages, and Renovation Loans.  Business customers have a variety of private and federal options too.  In addition, Jefferson Electric has financing relationships, particularly with Centier Bank in the Indianapolis area. Contact us for a financing options.      

What incentives are available?

The most notable incentive is a 30% federal investment tax credit available for solar installations.  There are numerous other incentives that depend on your location.  Contact us for a complete list of the incentives available in your area.   

What is an SREC?     

An SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) shows that a certain amount of electricity was produced using solar energy.  Many states have renewable energy standards that require utility companies to generate a certain percentage of their energy from a renewable source such as solar.   If a utility company doesn’t meet the requirement, they may purchase your SRECs to make up the shortfall.  This system serves to help further the creation of renewable energy sources.                              

How long to recoup my investment?

The huge growth in solar is due to the sharp reduction in the costs and prices of solar systems (75% in the last 5 years). Systems are more efficient and less expensive than ever before.  This means that systems owners are seeing quick payback periods.  All systems vary, but it’s common for system owners to recoup 100% of the costs within 5-10 years.  Financed systems can sometimes generate an immediate return.